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Referring Right

May 21, 2018


Its Essential. Be it a general practitioner or a specialist, we all come across instances where we need to refer a patient to some other doctor. Be it for a second opinion or as the patient may require a specialist or super-specialist services or if the patient requires management from a specialist of a different field.

Some prefer to refer the patent readily while some prefer to cling to the patient until it’s a bit late. Benefits of referring right: 1. You make the best treatment available for your client and earn a good will. 2. You earn good words from your colleagues and can expect some referrals to you as well. 3. The cases which require referral eat away your peace of mind if you tend to keep them as you don’t know the way out. Sending them at the right place helps you get a peace of mind. Referring at the right place is also important and it’s a serious business.

A general practitioner has a legal responsibility of referring the patient to a right place.

If he happens to refer a patient to a wrong doctor and if it leads to further complications or delay in treatment, then he can even be charged under the consumer protection act. A age old practice of family doctor although did not have much referral context.

It would be worthwhile to know what Doctors at Medicus App think about it?

Dr. Srikanth Reddy MD Psychiatrist,

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