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Screen Time & Depression – It was known all the while !

June 5, 2018

Dr. Srikanth Reddy

It was said many times by the elders in our society “Itna mobile pe rahega to dimag kharaab ho jayga” . Better late than never, a study floated by American Academy of Sleep Medicine has finally proven that excess screentime is associated with more chances of depression. The possible etiology being that the high screen-based activity interferes with the high-quality restorative sleep and this, in turn, is responsible for depression among the adolescents. Now that is has been proven, along with the other lifestyle advice that are given for depression like exercise, diet, hobby etc, one of the new advice should be to restrict the screen-based activities. In the modern ear of “Gadget-Based-Socialization” it may sound as if to restrict social contacts. But the need of the hour is more of face to face contacts and less of screen-based contacts. To beat depression , its essential to give your screen some rest.

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