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Too many cooks spoil the broth

May 21, 2018


Medical Scenario “Mom you are running a fever since yesterday and it doesn’t seem good. Let’s go and meet Dr. Chopra today. It’s been a while since we have met him and any how we had a follow up due for your diabetes and depression” said Natasha Chauhan to her 52 year old mother Mrs. Gayatri.

Dr. Chopra is a general practinioner and a family physician of Chauhans since years and knows their medical condition well. This is a typical scenario which was seen in Indian Medical Practice and is still seen in most of the small towns. However times are changing fast. If Mrs. Gayatri was staying in a city like Delhi today, whe would be meeting an endocrinologist for her diabetes, a psychiatrist for her depression and then would have to finally meet a physician for fever. She would be carrying three different files of three different doctors with three different sets of medicines bundled with lot of confusion of whether there is any repetition of medicine or if there is any significant interaction etc. Also if she has a side-effect like say rashes, whome to contact among the three doctors? Not that this scnerio is totally wrong. It has its own benefits.

Doctors having specialized knowledge in one field makes them more knowledgable and updated to provide the best care to their patients. But the purpose is not solved unless doctors when treating cleints requiring treatment from multiple collegues review the medicines given by other doctors as well in order to avoid duplication and interaction. Also it is expected that doctors treating a common patient need to interact and discuss among themselves so that the medical plan being planned for the patient is wholesome and holistic.

In absence of these two principles, the whole “multiple doctor treatment” plan may not serve the purpose. Ultimately its the choice of patients to go for a single family physician and get an opinion from specialists wherever required, or go straight away to a specialist or a superspecialist for their treatemnt.

Doctors also may vary in their opinion about what is the best way to go ahead….

Dr. Srikanth Reddy
MD Psychiatrist and De-Addiction Specialist Indore


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